Romania: the EMF points to the conflict which ended at Renault-Dacia

par Planet Labor - 15 Avril 2008

The European Metalworkers' Federation (EMF) set an example of the Renault's Dacia's strike in Romania, to ask for decent pay for all. This support comes whereas the collective conflict, which put the factory on halt for three weeks, ends. (Ref. 080293)

The day the management and the trade union of Dacia's factory came to a wage agreement, after three weeks of conflict, the European Metalworkers Federation (EMF) called to solidarity with the Romanian workers of the car manufacturer owned by Renault.

A rightful and realistic fight. "Romanian workers' fight is legit when you see that the average monthly wage of a Dacia employee is between €250 and €300 a month" said Peter Scherrer, EMF general secretary. "Besides, the substantial pay rise they demand is justified compared to Renault's productivity gain, partly thanks to the success of the Logan" he went on. In addition, the EMF rejoiced with the decision of the Romanian court which stated that the strike was legal and observed that Dacia's workers' action shows progress in social democracy in Romania.

Asking for decent pay. Relying on this conflict, the EMF thinks that "the struggle of Dacia workers is the struggle of all European workers who are fighting for wages that allow them to support their families decently - and especially in the new members states where multinational companies try to take advantage of the low wage situation. The European Federation called for solidarity with the Dacia workers - including financial solidarity.

An increase in two steps. According to a Renault press release, "the wage increase will be of 300 gross lei a month (€83) for skilled operators from January 1, 2008, and then 60 additional lei a month (€16) from September 2008. Technicians, first-line supervisors and executives will get a 15% increase. All employees will get an incentive bonus in accordance with the results for 2007, equal to one month of gross pay, with a minimum of 900 gross lei (€249)". These measures will have to be put into a collective agreement. Since the beginning of the strike, unions were asking for a €148 revaluation divided in two to bring the average gross monthly wage to 435 euros. These increases "bring Dacia's wages well above the national average and the average in the Romanian industry" Renault said. In 2008, the average gross monthly wage of Dacia's operators is 43% higher than average wages in Romania (anticipation).

Planet Labor, April 14, 2008, No. 080293 - www.planetlabor.com

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