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L’UNI (Global Union for skills and services) organise cette année sa journée internationale de la justice pour les agents d’entretiens et de sécurité. Bon nombre d’actions sont organisées jusqu’au 15 juin comme le « Yellow Glove Solidarity Selfie », en voici l’annonce : 



« Dear Comrades,
Once again we are excited to announce International Justice Day for Cleaners and Security Guards for 2016. On Thursday, 15th June 2017 cleaning and security unions will be gathering on all continents for a day of global solidarity and strength to highlight the fight of cleaners and guards for decent jobs, safe work and respect. Here’s how your union can commemorate


the struggles and celebrate our solidarity:


Organise an action on Thursday 15th June 2017
Organise an event in your city where Cleaners and Security Workers are being exploited or as part of your own organising campaign. The themes for this year’s event are decent jobs, safe work and respect. We encourage you to issue a press release emphasizing that this is part of a Global Day of Action.





‘Yellow Glove’ Solidarity Selfie – from now until June 15th

Take a photo ‘selfie’ with a fist in a cleaning glove (to represent cleaners) or a set of keys (to represent security guards). This is an excellent activity when visiting workplaces, committee meetings and your union’s major events. See examples to the right.






As with last year we will be putting the photos on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Please email your selfies to Joanna.katsoulas@uniglobalunion.org or post directly to our page.


For the first time this year, we are running a competition to find the worst cleaning/security contractor and worst client. Please click on the following link to nominate a company or client who makes our members’ lives unsafe, underpaid and undignified.



Action Toolkit
This year we have new logos, digital banners and posters for you to use in your actions. There are various logos that are either specific to cleaning, security or both industries which you can find here.


Username: unimember
Password: engage





Like and share our Facebook Page
Please like and invite your members and colleagues to our Facebook page. In the weeks leading up to the event we will be posting photos and stories from our unions around the world and we need your help for this. To become a page administrator please email me with the email that you use for Facebook and like the page.


Please use #justiceday2017 for your Facebook and Twitter posts
We look forward to hearing about your activities and receiving your photos! »


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