Belgique : le patron des patrons demande l’élargissement du chômage partiel à certains employés

Pieter Timmermans, président de la Fédération des employeurs de Belgique (FEB) souhaite que la législation sur le chômage partiel, qui ne concerne que la catégorie des ouvriers, soit également étendue à certains employés

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EU: launching of a Euro-Mediterranean social cooperation

For the first time, the Employment and Labor Ministers of the Euro-Mediterranean partner countries (43 countries) gathered for a ministerial conference in Marrakech on November 9-10, as part of the Barcelona Process: Union for the Mediterranean. The Ministers set the bases for a "framework of action" which would help "bring a true social dimension into the Euro-Mediterranean project" as well as stronger social dialogue.

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UE : ouverture d’une coopération euro-méditerranée en matière sociale

Union pour la Méditerranée : les ministres de 43 pays ont jeté les bases d'un "cadre d'action" qui contribuerait à "l'intégration d'une véritable dimension sociale dans le projet euro-méditerranéen"

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Spain: employees look for second jobs

Spanish people didn't wait for the government to announce a recession to get ready to face hard times. Randstad, the temporary work agency, observed, from its own data, that the number of people currently looking for a second job has doubled compared to 2007. This phenomenon had disappeared 20 years ago.

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EU: Dublin Foundation report on working time

In 2007, average collectively agreed weekly working time in the European Union was 38.6 hours. This is the outcome of the annual survey published by the European Foundation for the improvement of working conditions. The gap between "old" and "new" Member States still remains wide, the report highlights.

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